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Studded tire 2020 removal deadline is May 15

Friday, May 8, 2020 - 08:03

Barbara LaBoe, communications, 360-701-1464 (mobile)
James Morin, maintenance operations, 360-705-7803

UPDATE: This is a reminder that the studded tire removal deadline is next week, Friday, May 15. The release below has been updated to reflect WSDOT is not extending the deadline. 

OLYMPIA – The arrival of spring typically means drivers in Washington have until March 31 to remove studded tires. However, this year the Washington State Department of Transportation twice extended the deadline to Friday, May 15, due to COVID-19 virus concerns and Gov. Jay Inslee’s Stay Healthy, Stay Home order to help reduce the spread of the virus by limiting social interactions. WSDOT is not extending the May 15 deadline.

Studded tires are legal in Washington from Nov. 1 to March 31. State law gives WSDOT authority to extend the deadline when circumstances call for it, most commonly when a forecast indicates widespread snow and ice. WSDOT had extended the deadline, first to April 30 and then to May 15, allowing residents an extra 45 days to meet the studded tire removal deadline.

WSDOT encourages drivers to remove studded tires prior to the deadline, if possible. Studded tires damage pavement, so removing them promptly after winter has passed helps preserve state roadways. Tire removal services can get crowded near the removal deadline, so please plan accordingly.

Travelers are always advised to “know before you go” by checking road conditions before heading out and staying up-to-date on changes by using WSDOT’s social media and email alert tools or calling the 5-1-1 road conditions report.

Other states may have different studded tire removal dates, but the Washington law applies to all drivers in the state, even visitors. No personal exemptions or waivers are issued. The May 15 deadline means that starting at midnight on Saturday, May 16, drivers with studded tires face a $136 fine.

More information about studded tire regulations in Washington is available online.


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