Good To Go! and Motorcycles

Do I need a Good To Go! account?

Motorcyclists must pay tolls on the SR 520 and Tacoma Narrows bridges, and in the SR 99 tunnel. If you use these roads, you may set up a Good To Go! account to pay the lowest toll rates and avoid getting bills in the mail.

Motorcycles can ride for free in the SR 167 HOT lanes and in the I-405 express toll lanes, but riders in the I-405 express toll lanes are required to have a Good To Go! motorcycle pass to avoid being charged a toll. 

Why is a Good To Go! pass necessary on I-405?

A motorcycle pass is necessary on the I-405 express toll lanes in order to signal our tolling equipment not to send a toll bill. Motorcycles without a motorcycle pass will receive a bill in the mail. This is the most reliable and cost effective way for us to identify motorcycles.

Can I purchase motorcycle passes?

You can purchase motorcycle passes for $8 plus tax each.

What does the pass look like and where does it go on my bike?

The motorcycle pass is a permanent sticker that adheres to the motorcycle headlamp with clear backing. Motorcycle passes will be damaged and unusable if they are moved or adjusted after installation. This protects you from theft and allows you to see if anyone has tampered with your pass. The pass does not affect headlamp light or visibility. Installation instructions (pdf 535 kb)

When you're installing your motorcyle pass, be sure to keep these common installation problems in mind:

  • ​Passes should be installed horizontally. Installing the pass vertically can reduce the range and accuracy of the built in antenna.
  • Bending the pass can cause the antenna to malfunction. If your bike has a sharp angled headlamp, we suggest mounting the pass on a flat surface on either side of the curve.
  • Make sure that you installed the motorcycle pass, and not the barcode that came in the packaging.

What if I have a motorcycle pass but receive a toll bill in the mail for a trip on I-405?

Don’t ignore the toll bill! Please contact us and let us know so that we can work to resolve this issue. 

Will I-405 motorcycle trips show up in my online billing history?

Newer motorcycle passes should not show any record of I-405 express toll lane trips online.

Motorcycle passes purchased before March 2015 can check for toll credits online. These passes will show a toll and a credit for the same amount about five days after your trip. These charges and credits will both appear in the "account history" page about five days after your trip, but may not both be visible on the "My Account" page.

What can I do if I see incorrect charges on my account?

If your online statement shows a toll and 25-cent photo toll fee, it means your motorcycle pass wasn’t read by the toll equipment. You may need to visit our customer service center so that we can test your pass and replace it if it doesn’t work or is incompatible with your motorcycle.