Temporary Traffic Control Flagging Operations Manual

Publication Number
M 3146
Publication Date
Manual Manager
John Gancel

This book was created to be used for training the flagger to work safely and to protect the safety of others.

Flaggers are a vital role in the successful operations of all maintenance, construction, and utility projects. Flaggers shall need to know the information within this book well enough that it becomes second nature.

Flaggers are required when all other methods of traffic control are not enough to control the situation, and the impacts of the temporary traffic control zone.

Your fellow workers and the road users depend on your ability to stay alert while controlling traffic using your visual movements along with your “Stop/Slow” paddle.

As a flagger the actions you take reflect on yourself as well as your employer. You are often the initial point of contact the traveling public will have with the work zone.

While performing your flagging duties you shall be efficient, responsible, and conducting yourself in a safe and professional manner at all times.

166,800 electric vehicle

registrations in Washington in 2023, up from 114,600 in 2022.

87 wetland compensation sites

actively monitored on 918 acres in 2023.

25,000 safe animal crossings

in the Snoqualmie Pass East Project area since 2014.