Ferry Terminal Inspection Procedures Manual

Publication Number
M 3105
Publication Version
M 3105.06
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office

The purpose of this manual is to document a written procedure to guide Bridge Preservation Inspectors in conducting a structural inspection of Washington State Department of Transportation, Marine Division’s State Ferry Terminal Facilities. Included is a general overview of the planning, safety considerations, inspection, and reporting involved in performing the ferry terminal structural inspections, with insights into special procedures, historical knowledge and the needs of Marine Transportation. This is a working document that will require updating as new technology is introduced, experience is gained, and to accommodate the changing needs of Marine Transportation. Changes in the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration for inspection of bridges will also affect the inspection procedures.

This document is used as a guide for inspection of local agency and other state ferry terminals. Local agency ferry terminals include the Whatcom County Ferry crossing between Gooseberry and Lummi Island, Skagit County Ferry crossing between Anacortes and Guemes Island, Wahkiakum Ferry terminal on the Columbia River, and other state ferry terminals like the North and South Keller Ferry Terminals on SR 21.

Slow down on ice and snow.

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Carry chains, practice installing them.

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