Community Aviation Loan Program Procedures Manual

Publication Number
M 3140
Publication Version
M 3140
Publication Date
Manual Manager
Christina Crea

This manual provides guidance to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Community Aviation Revitalization Loan Program and sets forth policies and procedures for the administration of the program.

WSDOT’s Aviation Division is continuing to update our information technology systems to be able download and submit all loan application forms electronically. Most of the forms depicted in the Appendices are in digital format and can be completed and submitted electronically via email to:, however depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat, they may need to be submitted in printed form. Hard copies of the forms will continue to be available as long as needed. When WSDOT Aviation transitions to electronic processing of the entire loan program, all forms will be available on the web for sponsors to complete and submit online.

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