Bridge Inspection Manual

Publication Number
M 36-64
Publication Version
M 36-64.12
Publication Date
Manual Manager
Roman Peralta 360-570-2557, Sonia Lowry 360-705-7870
Bridge Preservation; Local Programs

    The Washington State Bridge Inspection Manual (WSBIM) has been developed to provide specific guidance, offer needed technical details, and serve as an information source to both state and local agency staff related to and involved with bridge inspections within the state of Washington. The intent of this manual is to serve as an operations manual for the collection, processing and reporting of bridge inspection information.

    Individual Chapters

    Foreword (PDF 269KB)
    Comment Request Form (PDF 154KB)
    Contents (PDF 257KB)
    Introduction (PDF 272KB)

    Chapter 1 Bridge Inspection Organization Requirements (PDF 1.2MB)
    Chapter 2 Bridge Files and Documentation (PDF 3.9MB)
    Chapter 3 Inspections and Reports (PDF 5.1MB)
    Chapter 4 WSDOT Bridge Elements (PDF 9.9MB)
    Chapter 5 Load Rating and Scour (PDF 1.4MB)
    Chapter 6 Damage and Repairs (PDF 600KB)
    Chapter 7 Quality Control/Quality Assurance (PDF 1.3MB)
    Chapter 8 Electrical and Mechanical (PDF 2.1MB)
    Chapter 9 Tunnels (PDF 566KB)

    Revision History

    M 36-64.12

    M 36-64.11

    M 36-64.10 

    M 36-64.09 

    M 36-64.08

    M 36-64.07

    M 36-64.06 

    M 36-64.05 

    M 36-64.04 

    M 36-64.03

    M 36-64.02

    M 36-64.01 February 2009

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