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SR 525 Mukilteo Bridge Over Railroad - Bridge replacement - Environmental justice assessment

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The existing SR 525 bridge overcrossing the railroad in the city of Mukilteo is structurally deficient and does not meet the multimodal traffic and active transportation needs for accessing the new ferry terminal. The intended significant agency action includes constructing a new bridge and updating channelization of the roadway to improve bridge integrity, roadway continuity and roadway capacity.

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$46 million


Washington's environmental justice law, known as the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act, requires WSDOT to conduct Environmental Justice Assessments when considering significant agency actions. These actions are those that initiated after July 1, 2023, and consist of WSDOT transportation projects and grants of $15 million or more, new grant or loan programs, agency request legislation and rulemaking.  

Environmental justice in Washington state, as provided in the HEAL Act, addresses disproportionate environmental and health impacts in all laws, rules, and policies by prioritizing vulnerable populations and overburdened communities, the equitable distribution of resources and benefits, and eliminating harm (RCW 70A.02.010). 

The baseline need for the project is to replace the functionally obsolete SR 525/Mukilteo Bridge Over Railroad (bridge 525/10). To meet current railroad clearance requirements, the replacement bridge needs to be raised about 1.5 feet which is expected to affect SR 525 between milepost 8.30 and milepost 8.47. To meet the WSDOT Complete Streets requirements, the bridge cross-section and roadway corridor within the project limits must meet WSDOT’s bicycle and pedestrian level of traffic stress (LTS) standards, which is an LTS 2 or better.  

The intent of the project is to create a corridor that accommodates all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motor vehicle drivers) as well as provide improved connections to key destinations including the Washington State Ferries (WSF) Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, Sound Transit Mukilteo Sounder North station, parks, businesses and neighborhood services. The public and stakeholders will have opportunities to give input on the design of the new SR 525 bridge and adjacent roadway within the project limits. 

A project map showing the SR 525 bridge over the railroad in Mukilteo, Washington near the new ferry landing.