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SR 302 Victor Area Corridor Study

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The corridor study of State Route 302 between SR 3 and Wright Bliss Road NW in Mason and Pierce Counties is complete and the report is available for viewing. The study developed alternatives to improve operations, safety and mobility for all users.

Summer 2022 - Summer 2023


SR 302 is an important east-west link through Mason and Pierce Counties. The road is an important connection for Belfair and Purdy. It also provides a connection between SR 3 and SR 16 for residents, businesses and visitors.

The study looked at improvements to address roadway collapse and landslides which have damaged the roadway and resulted in road closures. Recommendations published in the study report will be used to pursue future funding for highway design and construction improvements.

Planning study report

This was a corridor study of SR 302 between SR 3 and Wright Bliss Road.