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SR 3 Gorst Area Planning and Environmental Linkages Study

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In June 2024, WSDOT will begin a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study to look at State Route 3 in Gorst.

The PEL will allow WSDOT to meet with a variety of stakeholders. These include regulatory agencies, the Suquamish Tribe, local governments and all users of the highway.

During this process, WSDOT will work with these groups to define a purpose and need. WSDOT will also present and discuss design options for SR 3 near Gorst. These options will then go through an environmental process.

June 2024 - December 2025
In progress
$8 million


This study looks at adding a lane to SR 3 in each direction from Gorst to SR 304. It also explores elevating the roadway through Gorst, replacing the Navy’s railroad crossing of SR 3 and replacing nearby fish barriers.

SR 3 Gorst study area map including portions of SR 16, SR 304 and SR 166.