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US 101 - Leland Creek and Unnamed Tribs - Remove Fish Barriers - Complete December 2023

Project overview

This project removes and replaces several outdated barriers to fish migration under US 101 near Leland Valley Road NE in Jefferson County. The north and south tributaries at mileposts 290.3 and 291.8 will be replaced with larger box culverts, and the site crossing Leland Creek will be replaced with concrete girder bridge beginning in February of 2023.

February 2023 - December 2023
Project status
$9 million
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What to expect

At the Leland Creek site, the road has been restored to two-way traffic.

US 101 reopened to all traffic between Leland Cut Off Road and Leland Valley Road on Friday, Aug. 19. The road was closed for 19 days as crews replaced culverts at two unnamed tributaries to Leland Creek.

US 101 at Leland Creek is 33% passable to Chinook, steelhead, bull trout and coho salmon.