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US 101 - Jefferson and Clallam Counties Fish Barriers - Remove Fish Barriers

Project overview

This project addresses multiple barriers to fish that travel under US 101 between Sequim and Discovery Bay in Clallam and Jefferson Counties.

Summer 2023 - Fall 2025
Project status
$109.9 Million
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What to expect

US 101 is temporarily been shifted onto a two-lane bypass road at  Discovery Creek. 

The speed limit is reduced from 50 mph to 30 mph on US 101 between mileposts 268.04 and 269.04. 

The bypass road will keep people moving around the work zone through late summer 2024.

People who walk or roll
Pedestrians and cyclists going from Blyn to Sequim via US 101 will detour via Olympic Discovery Trail. The detour is between Schoolhouse Point Lane and Whitefeather Way. The detour will continue until late summer 2024.

Three work zones on US 101 between Sequim and Gardiner

  • Near West Sequim Bay Road at milepost 268.5 - Discovery Creek 
  • Near Deerhawk Drive at milepost 271.9 - Chicken Coop Creek
  • Between Knapp Road and Chicken Coop Road at milepost 274.2 -Eagle Creek

Travelers will see daytime shoulder closures and occasional night one-lane alternating traffic. 

Crews are in the process of building a two-lane bridge at Chicken Coop Creek. 

The temporary bridges will keep people moving as crews remove barriers to fish under US 101.

This project will replace six existing culverts beneath US 101 between milepost 267 and 278 that impede fish navigation.