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US 101 - Elwha River Bridge - Bridge Replacement

Project overview

WSDOT will replace the US 101 Elwha River Bridge in Port Angeles after serving the community for nearly a century. Replacing the bridge will ensure that the US 101 route continues to be a reliable transportation facility for decades to come.

The new bridge will be 40 feet wide and accommodate two 12-foot lanes with two-8 foot shoulders (the current bridge is 28 feet wide). A wider bridge will create a more comfortable crossing for travelers and provide adequate shoulder room for bicyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, the new alignment with US 101/Olympic Hot Springs Road will have a more gentle curvature, with a higher design speed (35 mph) at the east end of the bridge.

Late Winter 2023 - Late Winter 2025
Project status
Not started
$36 Million
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What to expect

During construction, most of the work will take place "offline" or away from the existing crossing. Expect temporary reduced speed limits, shifted lanes or heavy equipment near the site.

Towards the end of bridge construction, US 101 will need to close for one week to allow crews to complete the tie ends and final paving. During this brief closure, travelers will detour using State Route 112 and SR 113. 

The US 101 Elwha River Bridge sits at the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, and is a major lifeline for travelers between Forks and Port Angeles.