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SR 9 - 176th Street SE to SR 96 - Widening

Project overview

To address increased congestion, WSDOT has widened SR 9 from two lanes to four from its southern starting point to Marsh Road, except for a 3-mile section in the middle—from 176th Street Southeast to SR 96—where there is only one northbound lane and two southbound lanes. This project will add a second northbound lane to fill the gap and make several safety improvements.

2025 - 2027
Project status
$22.1 Million

What to expect

Construction plans and traffic effects are currently unknown. We will provide an update when the design process is complete.

WSDOT will widen SR 9 between 176th Street Southeast in Clearview to SR 96. This section is known as the "missing link" because sections immediately to the south and the north are already two lanes in each direction.