• Project

SR 516/Barnes Creek fish passage

Project overview

Prior to construction, which ended in October 2023, a failing clay culvert just 2 feet in diameter carried Barnes Creek under SR 516 near Des Moines. This narrow culvert was a barrier for fish trying to swim upstream. This project replaced that small clay culvert with a new cement box culvert 20 feet wide and 9 feet tall, allowing fish and other wildlife to move freely up and down the creek. The project also placed natural features into the Barnes Creek streambed.

Project status
$4.9 Million

What to expect

Construction began in August 2023. Contractor crews closed SR 516 around the clock for 10 days in late-September for culvert installation. Occasional SR 516 closures followed in late 2023 and early 2024 for landscaping and utility work. Final paving on SR 516 near the new culvert is planned in spring 2024.

The completed culvert running under State Route 516 in Des Moines restored natural stream conditions in Barnes Creek. The project also placed woody debris and other fish-friendly features within the streambed.