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SR 169 - Ravensdale Creek - Fish Passage

Project overview

In 2021 and 2022 we will replace the culvert that carries Ravensdale Creek under SR 169, along with two other nearby culverts. The existing culverts are narrow, which forces the water through too quickly for salmon and other fish to continue upstream.

Summer 2021- Fall 2022
Project status
$9.7 million

What to expect

To keep people moving along the SR 169 corridor during construction, we will build a two-way bypass on a section of old highway right-of-way just west of the current SR 169 roadway. This will allow us to maintain traffic in both directions with the least disruption.

Construction will affect a few trails in the Ravensdale Creek Natural Area as well. We will temporarily close about a quarter-mile of trails and permanently close one-tenth of a mile of trail, which is about 0.5 percent of the entire system.

We are working with King County Parks on this project to replace three old culverts in the Black Diamond Natural Area. This will open an additional 2.4 miles of habitat for salmon, steelhead and other fish.