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South Access - Surface Street Connections Project

Project overview

This project completes final roadway work around the south portal of the SR 99 tunnel and builds new pedestrian and bicycle amenities that connect Seattle’s stadiums with the waterfront.

July 2021 - Summer 2023
Project status
$25 Million

What to expect

Construction is ongoing along First Avenue South between South Charles Street and South Dearborn Street. Occasional short-term sidewalk or lane closures and detours will occur to provide safe space for construction crews and equipment.

Demolition of the WSDOT-owned building at 1051 First Avenue South will be complete by early August. During portions of this work, the sidewalk and southbound parking lane of First Avenue South adjacent to the site will be closed. Additionally, one southbound travel lane of First Avenue South may also be closed intermittently.

The project completes road work around the south portal of the SR 99 tunnel, near Seattle's stadiums.