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The Estimating office develops and maintains statewide estimating policy for WSDOT. Guidance and estimating documents are provided below to help support with the estimating for your projects. 

Please contact us for technical support and other services as requested.  We provide support in the areas of training, all questions about estimating, reviewing estimates, leading risk analysis for project cost and schedules, maintains and supports E-BASE and Bid Tab Pro and wage publications.

WSDOT Estimating Documents

There are multiple software programs to help with your estimating needs.

EBASE is a very flexible, user friendly system for developing estimates for your projects. You may use this system throughout the entire development of a project. The estimates module will take you from project definition estimates to the PS&E phase, and the bids module will continue the process through advertisement, bid opening and award.  Please review the Self-Study on Ebase (pdf 847 kb) (general information only)

Bid Tabs Pro (Oman Systems) is software provided by a private company using Bid Tabulation data from EBASE. It analizes all Standard Bid Item and Contractor bid data for contacts let by WSDOT. It makes this data availaible with a multitude of predifined query areas, and creates reports or exports to excel the results based on those queries.

Unit Bid Analysis provides a good starting point for determining Bid Item costs. The Unit Bid Analysis information provided is a good place to start, but each project is different and there are many factors that need to be considered to develop an accurate letting estimate using historical bid prices.

Estimating newsletters 

Award to Estimate Report

The cost calculation for Asphalt Cost Price Adjustment (General Special Provision 5-04.5.OPT2.GR5) is used to calculate the amount to be used for Standard Item 5837, Asphalt Price Adjustment, for those contracts using the Asphalt Cost Price Adjustment General Special Provision.

This amount will change as the Asphalt Binder Reference Cost Index changes, so frequent updates are recommended. It is also recommended that you download the worksheet each time you use it so that you have the latest version. 

The cost calculation for CRS-2P Cost Price Adjustment (xlsx 17 kb) (General Special Provision 5-02.5.OPT3.GR5) is used to calculate the amount to be used for Standard Item 005294, CRS-2P Cost Price Adjustment, for those contracts using the Cost Price Adjustment Special Provision.

Specialty Groups
Specialty groups are often able to provide guidance in finding cost and schedule information for their areas of expertise. The Construction Office has developed a Construction Cost Index (CCI) from the bid data collected from construction projects.

The Bridge and Structures office provides guidance on preparing bridge cost estimates (pdf 2.5 mb) and specifications. 

The FHWA established a Highway Construction Cost Increases and Competition Issues web page to share information regarding increasing construction costs.

Multimodal Planning has created an access based Planning Level Cost Estimating package.

If your community is considering building a new bicycle facility, you can use the Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bicycle Facilities (pdf 4.4 mb) to estimate costs, the demand in terms of new cyclists, and measured economic benefits (e.g., time savings, increased livability, decreased health costs, a more enjoyable ride).

Industry Resources

RS Means publishes guides for construction cost estimating. Their heavy civil guide includes highways and roads and can be checked out through the WSDOT library.

The Associated General Contractors provides news for contractors and the construction industry.  It is a good resource for gaining an idea of market conditions from the contractor’s perspective.

S&P Global is another resource regarding market conditions, but leaning more towards the state of commodities, oil, steel, etc.

This reference document is published by FHWA and lists the approximate range of typical Production Rates as used in Federal Lands projects.

Estimating Forms
232-007A Design Calculation
230-0031 Bridge Quantity
230-0040 Cost Estimate Summary

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