Construction - Dispute Review Boards (DRB)


The use of Disputes Review Boards (DRB) have provided an efficient means resolve disputes that arise during construction projects.  DRBs have also helped avoid claims that may result from lingering disputes.  DRBs provide a neutral third-party panel that is knowledgeable and experienced with the project and with contracting principles to assist when disputes arise.

This page is intended to provide resources for WSDOT, Local Agencies, and contractors that are interested in utilizing DRBs on their projects.


WSDOT has made provision for the use of alternative dispute resolution by a third-party board for many years.  The current Standard Specifications allow Disputes Review Boards (DRB) as an available option for resolving unsettled contract disputes.

Now WSDOT has updated its DRB process. The revised specifications will be issued in September 2019.

To expedite and aid in the establishment of Boards on construction contracts, WSDOT and AGC will assemble a roster of prequalified DRB candidates from which a Board may be assembled. To be considered for the prequalified list, prospective DRB candidates are required to meet all criteria and requirements prescribed in WSDOT’s dispute resolution procedures and three-party agreement.

Prequalified DRB Candidate Roster

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 PM PST September 6, 2019.  For those interested, please review the DRB Specification, Solicitation, and submit your application by the deadline.