Visualization services

Obtain a clear and effective understanding of project development, design, and delivery goals through visual media made with a wide range of 3D modeling, animation, video and other graphic software packages.

Use these productions to communicate and build project team relationships with your partners and public alike while achieving greater consent gathering success!

From planning and communication to design and construction, these products & productions are strategic to project success.


Still image rendering

Visually communicate for all levels of understanding by using 3D computer modeling for that visualized view into the future. This dynamic medium works well for planning initiatives, project designs and construction operations. Likewise, it can be used with or without formal design data. If you need to show the change, this is the right product for you.

I-90 east of snoqualmie pass

New I-90 east of Snoqualmie Pass

New Thorne Lane Interchange

New Thorne Lane Interchange on I-5


Understand a project faster by viewing animated 3D modeling through a virtual camera. Witness your design come alive through many different angles and perspectives. 3D animation requires a virtual environment to flesh out the peripheral space and, as such, demands more effort than still image visualizations. Ultimately, if your project involves motion, or has lengthy alignment, 3D animation is the right visual communication tool for you.


Animation showing WB-67 commercial truck completing turning analysis

Animation showing a WB-67 commercial truck completing turning analysis movements in a single lane roundabout.

Video production

Explain massive project goals, highlight existing issues and possible project solutions or gain funding – all these and more are definite uses for video production. The Visual Engineering Resource Group (VERG) has a complete 4K video production suite that can deliver productions in all industry related forms. Time management is crucial in this communication form and is the best expression for telling a rigorous project story.


New Roundabouts coming to Yakima Valley

New Roundabouts are coming to Yakima Valley on US 97

Commercial digital photography

By combining artistic skill with advanced image processing, we offer an excellent way to represent your project in areas such as construction documentation, award submittals, and litigation action. VERG shoots photography from any vantage point, specializing in high-resolution oblique aerial views that become a base image for future visualization work or as a stand-alone product with quick turn-around for the customer.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge and Mt Rainier

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge & Mt. Rainier

Highway Lid on SR-520

A Highway Lid over SR 520

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide an excellent platform from which to capture unique aerial views of civil infrastructure. Some reasons to use UAV(s) are in project construction documentation, structure inspection, litigation, and emergency operations.

VERG can either direct work with a licensed, FAA sanctioned UAV operator or use our own UAV(s) to capture any desired footage. VERG ensures the client obtains the imagery they need in a legal, safe and timely manner as a standalone product or in support of other VERG productions.


UAV video footage of "We Are WSDOT"

UAV video footage of “We Are WSDOT”

SR-12 Washout at MP-154

UAV still image of the SR 12 Washout at MP 154

Slow down – lives are on the line. 

In 2023, speeding continued to be a top reason for work zone crashes.

Even one life lost is too many.

Fatal work zone crashes doubled in 2023 - Washington had 10 fatal work zone crashes on state roads.

It's in EVERYONE’S best interest.

95% of people hurt in work zones are drivers, their passengers or passing pedestrians, not just our road crews.