Find information on the method in which one-entity - a design-build team, works under a single contract to provide both design and construction services of a project.

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which WSDOT executes a single contract with one entity (the design-builder) for design and construction services to provide a finished product.

The Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) of the Washington State Legislature engaged a team to study the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) use of the design-build (DB) project delivery method. The primary objective of the study was to identify potential changes in law, practice, organizational structure, or policy that will allow WSDOT to optimally employ DB delivery to maximize efficiencies in cost and schedule.

Final Report, Review of WSDOT’s Implementation of Design-Build Project Delivery (PDF 1.85MB)


Design-build contract template documents

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Current WSDOT employees and consultants should contact the Design-Build Headquarters Administrative team at


Design-Build Manual

Enabling legislation

WSDOT's current authorization to use design-build procurement is contained in the following RCWs 47.20.780 & 47.20.785

WSDOT/AGC/ACEC Design-Build Committee

The WSDOT/AGC/ACEC Design-Build Committee, includes representatives from WSDOT HQ design and construction and project teams, the construction industry and consulting engineer industry, to serve as a resource for establishing design-build policy, procedures and process improvement.

2019 Annual Meeting Report (DOCX 77KB)

Design-Build work group

The Design-Build work group, comprised of staff representing all regions, has been working together over the past two years to comply with the enabling legislation and JTC report recommendations.


Find the Quality Management Plan template

QMP Outline (DOCX 116KB)


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