Our bridges around the state

Washington bridges are critical transportation links whether you travel on a two-lane overpass or a unique floating bridge that carries thousands of vehicles each day. There are roughly 7,300 bridges (61.8M SF) on the state, city and county road systems over 20 feet in length and carry vehicular traffic. WSDOT is responsible for managing an inventory of nearly 3,500 of these critical transportation links. 

There are approximately 7,300 bridges on the state, county and city road systems.

Historic bridges

Historically significant bridges in Washington that demonstrate creative mitigation efforts and preserve and present the history of our transportation system

Movable bridges on state routes

See a list of all our moveable bridges, including Hood Canal Bridge and the First Avenue South Bridge.

Washington shares the responsibility for preserving, maintaining and operating nine bridges with Oregon and two bridges with Idaho. Both states make the future preservation of these bridges a top priority in their bridge programs. 
WSDOT regularly inspects bridges and categorizes them by condition. A "Poor" rating is the FHA’s new rating term for bridges previously described as "structurally deficient."
WSDOT’s Bridge Preservation Program includes bridge seismic retrofit, repairs and rehabilitation, steel bridge painting, concrete deck rehabilitation, scour mitigation and bridge replacement.
WSDOT inspects the approximately 7,300 bridges on state, city and county road systems. Most are inspected every two years.