Community Aviation Revitalization Board (CARB) Loan Program

The new Community Aviation Revitalization Loan Program was established by EHB 1102 and funded initially with $5 million. The revolving loan program is for revenue-producing capital projects that help public-use general aviation airports become more self-sustainable.

The program funds will be distributed with the guidance of a new eight-member Community Aviation Revitalization Board (CARB) consisting of a representative from WSDOT’s Aviation Division, the Public Works Board (PWB), and a non-legislative member of the Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB). The Board also consists of the following members appointed by the Secretary of Transportation, Roger Millar: one port official, one county official, one city official, one representative of the airport managers, and one representative of the general aviation pilots organization of Washington State.

The program provides loans up to $750,000 at 2% interest to airports with less than 75,000 annual commercial enplanements, as reported to the FAA. Loans can have a maximum 20-year loan period and recipients can opt to have up to a 3-year loan repayment grace period. Loan recipients must commit to provide public access to the airport for a period of time equivalent to one and one-half times the length of the loan. Eligible projects can include hangars, fueling facilities, business parks on airport property, paid parking facilities, passenger amenities, and other revenue-generating or cost-cutting developments that help make the airport more self-sustaining and less dependent on public funding.

The Loan application was available Oct. 1, 2019. The application deadline for the first round of loans is Nov. 12. In December, the Board will select projects for funding that meet the goals of the program.

For more information, visit our website or contact Dave Chenaur, Aviation Loan Program Manager at or 360-705-7839.

Application (pdf 371 kb)