Highway performance monitoring system

The Highway performance monitoring system (HPMS) is a national level highway information system which includes extent, condition, performance, use and operating characteristic data for public roadways nationwide.

The HPMS contains data for all public roadways. Information in HPMS is a mix of full extent (all public roadways) and sample data (representative subset of public roadways) for arterial and collector functional systems. The system also has limited information for travel and paved miles for the lowest functional systems included in summary form.

HPMS data is collected annually by all states and reported to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). WSDOT tracks approximately 100 separate HPMS data items for around 2,500 sample sections of roadway, representing Washington's 81,000 miles of public roads. The data items include pavement condition, traffic volume and capacity, roadway geometrics and section improvement information.

The FHWA, using state-furnished data, provides congress with assessments of future highway investment needs and investment/performance relationships. Congress utilizes the HPMS ability to monitor highway conditions, performance, usage and operating characteristics to evaluate federal-aid programs and funding levels.

National comparisons use HPMS data to rank Washington with other states. National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) non-attainment areas base their travel estimates on HPMS data. HPMS data and reports are delivered annually to many Washington agencies.

Beyond the annual data submissions to FHWA, WSDOT also prepares annual certified mileage reporting and associated mileage reports found on the annual mileage and travel information page.

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