Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan provides the vision, mission and values that guide the work of the agency. The important work of the agency is focused in three key areas - Inclusion, Practical Solutions and Workforce Development.

Strategic Plan dashboard

Under Secretary Roger Millar, WSDOT Strategic Plan represents a shift in the way we do business. Our Inclusion efforts ensure we engage with our employees, communities and partners as we collaboratively deliver the program. Practical Solutions allows us to leverage our limited funding to get the most capacity and safety out of the entire multimodal transportation system. Our focus on Workforce Development ensures that we attract and retain a quality workforce to meet our legislative, regulatory, service and public expectations.

Our vision

Washington travelers have a safe, sustainable and integrated multimodal transportation system.

Our mission

We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation options to improve communities and economic vitality for people and businesses.

What we value


Promote public and employee safety


Include all perspectives, disciplines and backgrounds in our outreach and decision making, employing a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve


Encourage creativity, continuous improvement and the advancement of technology


Be ethical, accountable, responsive and trustworthy


Inspire, motivate, develop and support each other


Be resource stewards by supporting economic, environmental and community needs

Our goals


Through Inclusion, WSDOT is strengthening our commitment to diversity and engagement in all WSDOT business processes, functions and services to ensure every voice is heard. This goal has both an internal and an external focus to assure that we have an inclusive and diverse workforce while at the same time, meeting our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goals and creating opportunities for underrepresented populations to do business with us.

Practical Solutions

Through Practical Solutions, we collaborate with our partners to make the right investments, in the right places, at the right time, using the right approach to achieve an integrated, sustainable transportation system and organization. We work with stakeholders to develop coordinated data-driven solutions that address preservation, safety, mobility, economic vitality, stewardship and the environment.

Workforce Development

WSDOT wants to be an employer of choice and is creating a modern work environment. We're proactively working to find the best possible talent for the agency, while taking steps to retain our quality workforce. As part of our Workforce Development goal, we listen and act on employee feedback and we provide training and other opportunities for development. At the same time, we evaluate systems to achieve and maintain competitive compensation.

Alignment with the Governor's Results Washington

WSDOT's strategic plan aligns with the Governor's strategic framework Results Washington.

Next steps for implementing WSDOT's direction

  • The strategic plan is intended to be a living document that will be periodically updated, refined and improved.
  • Results will be reported in the Gray Notebook. WSDOT's quarterly performance report.
  • WSDOT has developed implementation work plans to move WSDOT closer to achieving our desired outcomes with limited resources.

Zero emission electric vehicle registrations in Washington

increased 192% between 2017 and 2021.

45 projects to improve freight rail structures and freight movement

were underway as of December 31, 2021.

Washington state leveraged $100,000 to secure $27 million

in funding for airport investments in Fiscal Year 2022.