WSDOT unveils new-look Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan

Addresses transportation and mobility access for people with special needs

OLYMPIA – Four years in the making, the updated Human Services Transportation Plan is now available. The report is the handiwork of subject matter experts, transportation providers, social services organizations, tribes, the public and other stakeholders.

Every day, people across the state rely on human-services transportation as their sole source of access to jobs, school, medical appointments, the grocery store and much more. The plan identifies gaps and barriers that create mobility challenges for people with special transportation needs. It also provides strategies for addressing those barriers while also highlighting innovations and emerging trends.

“It’s critical that everyone in our state has convenient access to reliable transportation, no matter their age, income, physical ability or where they live,” said Public Transportation Division Director Brian Lagerberg. “This plan provides our partners with a blueprint for serving the people who need efficient and specialized transportation options the most.”

The plan informs local and regional plans while guiding future investments in special needs transportation for communities across the state. WSDOT collaborated with the Disability Mobility Initiative to better understand the experiences of those who cannot drive and face barriers to transportation access that many may take for granted. These experiences bring the plan to life and show a larger picture of the consequences of transportation challenges faced by many Washingtonians.

The plan is available online in English, Spanish and Russian.

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Carry chains, practice installing them.

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