New passenger trains coming to the I-5 corridor

Amtrak Cascades unveils new trainsets coming in 2026

OLYMPIA – A new fleet of Northwest-themed Amtrak Cascades trains will transport passengers in style between Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Portland and other stations along the I-5 corridor when eight new trainsets and two new locomotives arrive in the Pacific Northwest in 2026.

Newly released renderings of the new trainsets show the traditional Amtrak Cascades evergreen and mocha color scheme incorporated in the state-of-the-art design, which also adds graphics of Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier on each car.

"Amtrak Cascades is eager to welcome new trains to our scenic 18-city route linking Washington, Oregon and British Columbia," said Ron Pate, Director of WSDOT's Rail, Freight and Ports Division. "The branding of our new trains is unique to the Amtrak Cascades corridor, distinguishing them from others in the Amtrak fleet. Their arrival will herald a new generation of train travel in the Pacific Northwest."

The new trains are part of a larger transformation that will revolutionize the national Amtrak experience. Manufactured at Siemens in California, the new trains are funded as a part of the Federal Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act awarded to Amtrak for their procurement. The Amtrak Cascades trains will be the first delivered by Siemens, with equipment for routes in the eastern United States following. The new trains will arrive in Seattle over a period of several months, entering into service once they have been thoroughly inspected, tested and approved.

The new trains will elevate the Amtrak Cascades journey with a focus on comfort and efficiency:

  • Environmental improvements: The new trains are more fuel efficient and produce significantly less air pollution
  • Amenities: Individual outlets, USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi, enhanced lighting, digital customer information systems, automated steps and touchless restroom controls
  • Comfortable seating: Each train seats more than 300 passengers and prioritizes ergonomics, offering large and sturdy tray tables, cushioned headrests, a dedicated water bottle holder and a seatback tablet holder
  • Redesigned café car: Featuring local Northwest favorite foods including beer, wine and spirits along with some self-service food options
  • Elevated experience: With panoramic windows and additional table seating, customers can enjoy some of the best views and connect to the some of the most scenic landscapes in the world

Amtrak Cascades is a partnership between WSDOT and the Oregon Department of Transportation, who sponsor the service operated under contract by Amtrak. It serves 18 stations between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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