How to dispute a toll bill

You can dispute any part of the toll bill that you feel you are not responsible for. Most disputes can be resolved by the first customer service representative you speak with due to specific reasons. Call us at 1-866-936-8246.

Other ways to lower your toll bill
You can request first-time forgiveness of all unpaid civil penalties and late fees with no questions asked, as long as you agree to pay all of the original tolls at the time of the request (see Civil Penalty Guide).

You can also save money on tolls by opening a Good To Go! account. When you call to open an account, ask to pay your old toll bills through the new account to save $1.75 per toll on average. You can also open an account while paying your bill online and have the tolls on that bill automatically reduced to the Good To Go! rate.

Should I call or submit a dispute online?
You can easily submit a dispute through your account, while paying a toll bill, or as a case through the Contact Us page on You may also call customer service. Formal written disputes are not required in most cases, and may take longer to process.

Will I need an administrative court tele-hearing?
No, except for very specific circumstances. Most disputes can be resolved online or over the phone by the first customer representative you speak with. Learn more about when an administrative court hearing might be necessary.

Is my toll bill considered a moving violation? Will this go on my driving record?
No. It will not affect your driver license, record, or insurance. However, if you fail to pay the bill within 80 days, you will receive a $40 civil penalty for each unpaid toll transaction and you will not be able to renew your vehicle registration until the tolls and fees have been paid in full.

Reasons for disputing an entire toll bill:

  • The vehicle was sold/transferred prior to the time the tolls occurred.
    You will need to provide a Department of Licensing seller's report of sale, a bill of sale from a car dealership, or proof of change in ownership. If you do not currently have a copy of the bill of sale, fill out and submit a Vehicle Record Request (pdf 460 kb). Once you receive a copy of the bill of sale, please email or mail a copy to us. In Washington state, vehicle owners are required to file a report of sale within five business days of transferring ownership of a vehicle, regardless of whether a vehicle was sold or traded in.
    If you sell a vehicle, do not leave the license plates on it! If you do, you will be charged any tolls incurred by the new owner. Learn your options to properly dispose of old plates.
  • The vehicle license plate in the picture is not your plate.
  • The vehicle was stolen, rented, or you are not the registered vehicle owner.
  • An error made by the Department of Transportation.

Reasons for disputing a late fee or civil penalty:

  • You did not receive the toll bills.
    Toll bills are mailed to the address on file for the vehicle's registered owner with the Department of Licensing. You will need to verify that this information was up to date as part of your dispute.
  • There is an issue with the Good To Go! system.
  • This is your first time receiving a late fee / civil penalty and you would like to request one-time forgiveness (see Civil Penalty Guide).
  • Other mitigating circumstances such as hospitalization, military deployment, eviction, divorce, homelessness, death or death of an immediate family member.

Invalid reasons for disputes

  • If you traveled a tolled road by mistake, you are still responsible for any toll charges you have incurred.
  • If someone else was driving your vehicle, as the registered owner of the vehicle you are still legally responsible for the toll charges, unless the vehicle was stolen or sold.

Toll exempt vehicles:

  • Carpools who did not know the carpool rules on the I-405 express toll lanes can call customer service and we'll waive your first Pay By Mail bill. If you ordered a Flex Pass online, you can request a credit for carpool trips made while you were waiting for it to arrive.
    To avoid getting charged as a carpool on I-405 in future, you'll need to get a Good To Go! account with a Flex Pass set to HOV mode and the right number of occupants.
  • Motorcyclists who receive toll bills on the I-405 express toll lanes may also email us to ask for their bill to be waived. Motorcyclists need to install a motorcycle pass to avoid a toll bill. If a pass is installed and you receive a bill, let us know right away so we can determine the cause, check your pass, and correct the bill. If you choose not to install a pass, a toll bill will be issued for your trips on I-405 express toll lanes, and you will need to contact us to avoid a civil penalty.