Equal Opportunity - Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance

The Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance (EEO CC) Program has two main tasks:

  1. Assist contractors who do business with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), in achieving a diverse workforce by promoting workforce development that is inclusive of minorities and females.
  2. Ensure that WSDOT is operating the EEO Compliance Program in good faith by adhering to Federal and State laws and regulations, as well as departmental policies and procedures.

Compliance Reviews

The EEO Compliance Unit is responsible for conducting Contract Compliance Reviews on let projects that have federal aid funds associated to them. The review is an on-site needs analysis of the contractor’s workforce, and their workforce development program. If the contractor’s needs analysis indicates a shortage of minorities and/or females in specific construction trades the unit turns the information over to the OJT/Support Services Unit.

The unit is also responsible for conducting training workshops for WSDOT Regional staff, contractors, community based organizations and local agencies about program compliance criteria.


In addition, this unit administers the federally mandated training program which requires an analysis on every let contract with federal aid dollars, of the projects capability of supporting trainee positions.

Apprentice/Trainee Approval Request form (pdf 72 kb)

WSDOT’s EEO Assurances Part 1 (pdf 215 kb)

Equal Employment Opportunity Contractor Compliance Program (pdf 166 kb)