Design - Plan Sheet Library - Cable Vault, Pull Box and Small Cable Vault Drainage Installation Details (IS-18)

Note: Include these details in the Contract Plans for any WSDOT Contract requiring drainage installation for Cable Vault, Pull Box or Small Cable Vault.

Drain Pipe Installation
This plan provides the necessary details to install drainage for Small Cable Vault, Pull Box or Cable Vault. 

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Excavated trench
Excavated trench (backfill not shown here)

Drain pipe in ditch
Drain pipe (backfill not shown here)

Drain outfall

Exisiting sump drain
Existing sump drain                                      

The Sump Drain Installation is intended for new installation or when slope is adequate for drainpipe to reach daylight. (Preferred method)

The Side Entrance Retrofit is intended to retrofit an existing Vault or Pull Box when minimum of 2% slope for drainpipe to reach daylight cannot be achieved.

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Fern Liddell