Design - Development Services

WSDOT Development Services provide services to developers, local agencies, property owners, and consulting engineers who are planning projects that may impact state highways.

Each of the six WSDOT regions has a Development Services Office. All access requests begin at the regional level. The types of projects reviewed are:

  • Private Developments (from a single-family homes to a multi-faceted projects)
  • SEPA proposals
  • Local Agency projects
  • driveways and other access connections
  • Other right-of-way uses (landscaping, sub-subterranean monitoring devices, etc)

Refer to the guidelines listed below while planning your projects.

Legal information
Find types of transportation permits and processing time.

Listed below are laws and policies that govern managed and limited access to state highways.

Managed Access Highways

Limited Access Highways

Permit Applications are listed below. Each form is available in an electronic format.