Computer Aided Engineering - Example Projects

In order to help you better understand the WSDOT CAE workflows, we have developed examples to show a typical project data set.  This is only one example - not all projects will have the same sheet types, elements and structures.  Each project is unique, but project workflow and file management should follow the spirit of the example.  It is important to stay within the guidelines of the Plans Preparation Manual (PPM), the Electronic Engineering Data Standards (EEDS) and the WSDOT Plan Review Office.

These sample projects are for informational use only.  Design standards and criteria have not been verified. No design decisions, comparisons, conclusions or confirmations should be made from the contents of these examples.

WSDOT PS&E Contract Plans
This example project is a combination of all the plan, section, and profile views, quantity calculation sheets, and source base information organized per the PPM and EEDS for a typical PS&E contract plan set.  You may view the contract plan set in PDF format (including layers), or download the project dataset to see how the files are organized and data relates to the different file/plan types.  The example illustrates a typical method of working with base plans and sheet files to produce a deliverable product for WSDOT.  Watch for "Tips and Tricks" notes in some of the files.

WSDOT PS&E Contract Plans example project (pdf 187 mb)

Download the WSDOT PS&E Contract Plans example project (zip 23.5 mb)

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