Toll exemptions

Exempt vehicles are allowed to travel toll free on the Tacoma Narrow Bridge, State Route 520 bridge, I-405 express toll lanes, SR 167 HOT lanes, and in the SR 99 tunnel. The Washington State Transportation Commission sets toll rates and exemptions.

What vehicles are exempt from tolls?

  • Buses, this includes transit, school buses and qualifying private buses serving the public and employees are exempt on all toll facilities.
  • Vanpools with a state issued rideshare license plate are exempt on all toll facilities.
  • Emergency vehicles are exempt from tolls on all facilities while on-duty – meaning they are operating in an official capacity. This includes fire, police, state patrol and ambulances.
  • Authorized tow trucks are exempt on all tolled facilities while in-service. To be considered in-service they must be on-duty and responding to an incident that occurred on the tolled road. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis and operators must have Washington State Patrol authorization.
  • Incident response vehicles and maintenance vehicles working on tolled roads are exempt on all facilities while on-duty.

How to obtain an exemption

All vehicles must do the following before they can receive an exemption:

  1. Open a Good To Go! account if you do not already have one.
  2. Install a Good To Go! pass in each vehicle
  3. Complete the forms below to certify the vehicle(s) are eligible for toll exemption, and send them to for processing:
    -  2019 New Toll Exempt Eligible Vehicles (85 kb)
    -  Eligible Exempt Vehicles List (295 kb)

Once the toll exemptions have been approved and processed, we will send you a confirmation.

For more information regarding exempt vehicles, please see WAC 468-270-085; WAC 468-270-095; and WAC 468-270-030.

Carpools and motorcycles

Carpools and motorcycles must pay tolls on the SR 520 and Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and in the SR 99 Tunnel. If you use these roads, you may set up a Good To Go! account to pay the lowest toll rates and avoid getting bills in the mail.

Carpools and motorcycles can ride for free in the I-405 express toll lanes and SR 167 HOT lanes when they meet the necessary occupancy requirements and have a Flex Pass set to HOV.