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US 12 Naches Active Transportation Corridor Study

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Local and regional transportation leaders are asking residents and users of US 12 to take a second survey on future options to improve safer pedestrian and bicycle movement, including school aged children, along and across US 12 within the Town of Naches. The second survey ends on Oct. 30, 2023. (See below for more information on the second survey).

Summer 2023 - Summer 2024
In progress
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The Town of Naches, the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are working together to provide a safe, reliable and effective transportation network for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians along the US 12 corridor in Naches, Washington.

The study area includes the US 12 corridor between Allan Road and Jennings Lane and is approximately 1.6 miles long. It includes the following intersections on US 12: 

  • Allan Road  
  • Kel-Lowry Road  
  • Shafer Avenue 
  • Naches Road / Avenue
  • Jennings Lane 

We want to hear from you again, please take our second survey




Naches Town Hall (29 E. 2nd Street)

An online open house will be held Oct. 16-30, 2023 to provide further information about the study.

WSDOT will work closely with project partners, stakeholders, and community members to gather feedback to understand issues in the study area, as well as develop a list of solutions and strategies that will be effective and sustainable if implemented.

The study area for the US 12 Naches Active Transportation Corridor Study includes US 12 along and within the town of Naches, Washington, between Allan Road and Jennings Lane. It is approximately 1.6 miles long.