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SR 507 Roundabout Pre-design Study

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The SR 507 and Vail Road Roundabout Pre-design Study is underway and is expected to be completed in April 2023. Information about the study is now available during the public online open house March 9 to 24.

November 2022 - April 2023
In progress
$2 - 3 million is the estimated cost for design and construction.


View the online open house between March 9 and 24 to learn more about the pre-design study. Each year, WSDOT looks at all rural stop-controlled intersections on our state highways to identify ways to reduce potential crashes. For some intersections, WSDOT develops a safety plan that outlines ways to manage travel speeds and reduce conflict points.

As a result of a recent safety plan, WSDOT is proposing a single-lane roundabout on SR 507 at the Vail Road intersection near Yelm.

This roundabout fits within WSDOT’s existing property. If the roundabout concept is finalized, construction may begin in early 2026.

The proposed single-lane roundabout has an eastbound left-turn lane, a center and raised islands with raised and drivable surfaces. This feature allows the roundabout to accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

SR 507 and Vail Road study area map.