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US 12 - Nine Mile Hill to Frenchtown Vic - Build New Highway

Project overview

This section of US 12 is located north of the communities of Touchet and Lowden. To maintain access to these communities, two interchanges will be constructed with local roads including the existing US 12 at the bottom of Nine Mile Hill and Lower Dry Creek Road. Bridges will be constructed to maintain connectivity along Cummins Road, Touchet Road North and Woodward Canyon. New bridges will be constructed to span the Touchet River, Touchet Floodway and Dry Creek.

2016 - Summer 2023
Project status
$166 Million

What to expect

There will be no construction delays as the majority of the work will take place away from the current highway. 

The US 12 - Nine Mile Hill to Frenchtown Vicinity Project (Phase 7) will construct a new section of US 12 north of Touchet and Lowden.