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SR 113/S of Old Sappho-Pysht Hwy – Stabilize Slope - Completed August 2022

Project overview

This project will repair an unstable slope and replace a clogged culvert under Burnt Mountain Road (SR 113) near Beaver in Clallam County. A new culvert and stabilized hillside will allow water to flow properly through the area without the use of a temporary water pump, preventing additional ponding and without jeopardizing the integrity of the highway. Construction began in June 2022 and is expected to last six weeks.

Nov. 2021 - August 2022
Project status
$1.9 million
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What to expect

This project is now complete.

The slide location is along Burnt Mountain Road (SR 113) between Beaver and Clallam Bay in Clallam County. The highway is a vital route for SR 112 travelers and the Makah Tribe.