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I-90 Spokane Ramp Meters

Project overview

Several new ramp meters have been implemented and activated throughout Spokane at on-ramps to both east and westbound I-90 with more coming. The ramp meters are used to space out vehicles as they enter I-90 to reduce the "platooning" of vehicles as they enter and reduce collisions. The ramp meters will also keep I-90 mainline at highway speeds.

June 2018 - Summer 2023
Project status
$6 million
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What to expect

Spokane has slightly different variations to traditional ramp meters. While still utilizing a traffic light, depending on the on-ramp you may encounter a variation. At the westbound I-90 on-ramp from Browne/Division Street, drivers will be allowed two vehicles per green light to enter on I-90. At the eastbound I-90 on-ramp from Walnut Street, there are two lanes and the signal will release one vehicle in each lane simultaneously. At Monroe Street, the light will allow one vehicle per green light and the other ramp meters at Hamilton, US 195 and Browne/Division Street to eastbound I-90 will allow two lanes to form with the light alternating one vehicle per green light onto I-90.

Starting on March 28, 2022, a new ramp meter began construction from US 2 eastbound to I-90 eastbound in Spokane. The project has been suspended until material is delivered and will resume in March of 2023. 

Project limits for the new ramp meters being installed on I-90 between US 2 and Sprague Avenue.