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I-90 – Lewis, W. Village Park, Schneider & Unnamed Tributaries to Tibbetts creeks – fish passage

Project overview

Reconnecting waterways where our roads act as barriers is a priority for the state. In western Washington, that means building hundreds of fish passable structures under state highways to create habitat essential for meeting fish recovery goals. Beginning in 2025, WSDOT will build multiple structures that may include new bridges on I-90 and local roads near Issaquah to restore natural stream conditions in Lewis, West Village Park and Schneider creeks.

2020 to 2029
Project status
$289 Million

What to expect

I-90 travelers and users of local roads can expect:

  • Long-term lane reductions in both directions of I-90
  • Detours around closed on- and off-ramps and surface streets

This project combines several fish passage projects into a single contract. Originally it included fish passage work on SR 900, but that work has been shifted to a separate new project, likely to be advertised in late 2026. Because of the multiple locations, we can’t say at this time when work will occur at the I-90 sites. Work could begin as early as spring 2025. We anticipate construction at these locations could take two to three years each.

This map shows the location of a fish barrier on Lewis Creek where it passes under I-90 west of Issaquah.