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I-5 - Chamber Way - Stage 2

Project overview

To keep people and goods moving through Washington State, this project will focus on reducing congestion and improving safety on the I-5 corridor between the Chamber Way interchange and the State Route 6 interchange in Lewis County. Subject to cost savings provided by practical design solutions within the project budget, this project will also seek to reduce congestion and improve safety on Interstate 5 between the Chamber Way and the Mellen Street interchanges.

Summer 2020 - Late 2026
Project status
Not started
$83 million

What to expect

This project is still in the early design phase. Next steps include developing solutions and alternative assessments which we expect will result in identifying Interstate System improvements.

Well ahead of construction, traffic impacts and road closures will be communicated out to the traveling public so they can plan ahead and avoid possible delays. 

This project will focus on reducing congestion, and improving safety and travel reliability along the I-5 corridor between Chamber Way and the State Route 6 and Mellen Street interchanges, in Lewis County.