SR 410/Chinook Pass and SR 123 Cayuse Pass close for the season

MOUNT RAINIER – The gates to State Routes 410 and 123 inside Mount Rainier National Park, including Chinook and Cayuse passes closed on Friday, Nov. 10 after a foot of snow fell. The Washington State Department of Transportation made the decision to keep the passes closed until spring 2024 after more snow fell over the weekend, an ice layer accumulated on the highways and cooler conditions are expected to continue.

Chinook Pass (elevation 5,430 feet) and Cayuse Pass (elevation 4,675 feet) are closed between Crystal Mountain Boulevard, about 12 miles northwest of the summit at the Mount Rainier National Park boundary, and Morse Creek, 5 miles east of the summit. Most of SR 123 is closed with just 2.5 miles open north of the US 12 junction to the Park boundary. Stevens Canyon Road through Mount Rainier is closed.

Typically, SR 410 Chinook Pass and SR 123 Cayuse Pass reopen in late May, though that is dependent on snow melt and road conditions.

Current weather and highway conditions are posted on the WSDOT mountain passes webpage and through the WSDOT app. Visit the Mount Rainier National Park's road status webpage for updates about roads within Mount Rainier National Park.

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