Terminal Design Manual

The Terminal Design Manual is for use by Washington State Department of Transportation Ferries Division engineering personnel. It provides guidelines, policies, procedures, and methods for developing and documenting the design of improvements to the Washington State Ferries terminal facilities. It may not be appropriate or applicable to ferry terminal facilities outside of Washington State.

Publication Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2016
Publication Number: 
M 3082
Last modified: 
05/10/2018 - 17:22
Publication Version: 
M 3082.05
Manual Manager: 
Stephen R. Levengood; 206-389-8553; levengs@wsdot.wa.gov
Washington State Ferries Division
Number of Pages: 
Terminal design procedures and criteria

Terminal Design Manual Memo - Updated Approval Authority 2-5-2018 

Terminal Design Manual Individual Chapters


Division 1 – Manual Overview 

Chapter 100 Manual Description


Division 2 – Project Development

Chapter 200 Capital Project Scoping
Chapter 205 External Project Scoping and Review Requirements
Chapter 210 Design Matrix Procedures
Chapter 220 Design Documentation, Approval and Process Review
Chapter 230 Quality and Constructability


Division 3 – General Design Criteria

Chapter 300 Accessibility
Chapter 310 Security
Chapter 320 Environmental Considerations
Chapter 330 Marine
Chapter 340 Civil
Chapter 350 Buildings
Chapter 360 Electrical 


Division 4 – Terminal Buildings

Chapter 400 Passenger Buildings 
Chapter 410 Circulation and Passenger Waiting
Chapter 420 Passenger Amenities, Business Case
Chapter 430 Terminal Supervisor Buildings
Chapter 440 Maintenance Buildings, Enclosures and Support Areas
Chapter 450 Architecture
Chapter 460 Landscape Architecture
Chapter 470 Public Art 


Division 5 – Landside Development

Chapter 500 Access, Approaches, and Exits
Chapter 510 Toll Plaza 
Chapter 520 Vehicle Holding and Support Areas
Chapter 530 Parking
Chapter 540 HOV and Transit
Chapter 550 Site Circulation
Chapter 560 Site Utilities
Chapter 570 Signage and Wayfinding
Chapter 580 Sustainability/Low Impact Development 

Division 6 – Waterside Development

Chapter 600 Trestle
Chapter 610 Vehicle Transfer Span
Chapter 620 Passenger Overhead Loading
Chapter 630 Wingwalls
Chapter 640 Fixed Dolphins
Chapter 650 Floating Dolphins

Division 7 – Miscellaneous

Chapter 700 Maintenance (future chapter) 
Chapter 710 Overweight Vehicle Check (future chapter) 
Chapter 720 Scour (future chapter) 
Chapter 730 Bridge Rating (future chapter)

Division 8– CADD Standards and Procedures (pdf 2.93 mb)



Appendix A Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix B Definitions
Appendix C Comment Review Form
Appendix D Quality Audit Sign-Off Sheet
Appendix E Quality Control Color Code
Appendix F Project Management Plan
Appendix G Checking Process Flow Chart
Appendix H DQC Sign-Off Sheet
Appendix I Deliverables Expectation Matrices
Appendix J Project Status Report
Appendix K PS&E Turn-In QA/QC Process
Appendix L Review Checklist Templates
Appendix M Step-by-Step Instructions on Submitting Plans for Advertisement
Appendix N Environmental Compliance Plan
Appendix O Vessel Data for Terminal Design
Appendix P Route Information
Appendix Q Terminal Reference Data
Appendix R Terminal Site Plans
Appendix S Terminal Building Programs
Appendix T Terminal Signage Plan
Appendix U Design/Project Development Approval Templates
Appendix V Memorandum on Understanding Arts in Public Places WA Arts Commission and WSDOT
Appendix W Trestle Pavement Depths
Appendix X Terminal Tidal Information
Appendix Y Vacant
Appendix Z Terminal Vertical Datums
Appendix AA Vehicle Transfer Span Gradients