Planning Policy and Partnerships

Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan Resources Website

WSDOT's GMA website provides resources that can assist cities and counties with their GMA Comprehensive Plan updates.

Planning Tools

  • The WSDOT Community Planning Portal website provides access to state transportation data for general planning purposes. The intent of the portal is to help local and regional planners, decision-makers, and citizens improve their understanding of the state transportation system.
  • The WSDOT Multimodal Accessibility webpage provides information and examples of how and why we measure people's ease of use of the transportation network.

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Contacts and Guidance

SEPA provides a way to identify possible environmental impacts that may result from governmental decisions.

Transportation Funding Resources in Washington State

This is a summary of transportation funding programs and other transportation revenue sources (pdf 199 kb) in Washington state. This will help local governments assess the different kinds of funding opportunities available.

Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool (INVEST)

Logo - INVEST Economic, Social, Environmental - links to INVEST websiteThe INVEST tool is an online sustainability self-assessment tool created by the Federal Highway Administration for use by transportation agencies. WSDOT pilot-tested INVEST by evaluating three corridor plans and one project.

PS 102: Planning within the Practical Solutions Framework

PS 102: Planning within the Practical Solutions Framework (pdf 734 KB) training has been completed by WSDOT planners and engineers. It reviews changes in WSDOT and demonstrates how to explore the multitude of transportation options available today. This training includes:

  • Working with and listening to our communities to identify their needs and ways to meet those needs efficiently.
  • Considering the transportation system as a whole and making linkages that improve it in its entirety.
  • Looking to demand management solutions first, such as land use policies, operations, and transit.
  • Using the context of an area and what can be done now and what can be built upon in the future.

I-5 System Partnership
The I-5 System Partnership is a stakeholder group made up of representatives from transportation agencies, community organizations, the business community, and jurisdictions throughout the 107-mile study area from Tumwater to Arlington.