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US 101 - SR 109 Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Counties - Remove Fish Barriers

Project overview

This fish passage project includes 29 identified streams and culverts that cross under US 101 and State Route 109 in Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Counties needing correction. Currently, these culverts do not allow fish to cross underneath the highways to access habitat.

WSDOT and the Design-Build contractor will consult with local stakeholders on potential detour routes and the length of highway closures for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Once complete, this project will restore nearly 37 miles of potential habitat across the Olympic Peninsula.

Summer 2022 - Fall 2026
Project status
Not started
$190 Million
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What to expect

The 29 culverts will be corrected by WSDOT's Design-Build contractor as five separate bundles. One bundle containing 4-7 barriers will be corrected annually for five straight years to meet the project's deadline of fall 2026. 

It's too soon to tell what the contractor may elect to do for traffic control measures. Travelers should expect anything from reduced speeds, shifted lanes, alternating conditions with flaggers or a temporary signal at varying sites while construction is underway. Any highway closures will be announced in advance. 

This project eliminates barriers for fish and provides access to upstream habitat for approximately 29-identified streams or culverts.