I-405 Express Toll Lanes - Toll Rates

This page tells you how to read the I-405 toll rate signs. To find out how tolls are calculated and where the money goes, read why we have express toll lanes.

See current I-405 toll rates.

How much does it cost?
Toll rates are based on real time traffic conditions and range from 75 cents to $10. Signs tell you the current toll rate and you lock in your rate when you enter.

Get Good To Go! pass for the lowest toll rate
The toll rates on the signs are for drivers paying with a Good To Go! account and pass.

If you don’t have a Good To Go! account, we will mail you a Pay By Mail toll bill for an additional $2 per toll, but you can lower your toll bill later.

How to read the signs
Toll signs show up to three toll rates for different toll zones. The road names listed on the sign tell you where each toll zone ends.

Every time you pass one of the listed roads, you enter the next toll zone. Any express toll lane exit in that zone will be charged the same toll rate until you pass the next listed road and enter a new zone.

You only pay the toll rate for the zone where you exit the express toll lanes. You do not add up all the numbers on the sign, and you are not charged again when you pass the next sign.

Watch a short video about how to read the signs or find toll rates for specific trips with our interactive map

Lock in your toll rate when you enter
The toll rate you see on the sign when you enter is always what you pay, even if you see a higher rate down the road.

How tolls are calculated?
The Washington State Transportation Commission established that I-405 toll rates would range between 75 cents and $10 based on real-time traffic conditions. The actual toll rate is calculated by a traffic management algorithm working to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Learn more about why we have express toll lanes and how much more time you can expect to save when tolls go up.

Carpool rules
Carpools can drive for free with a Flex Pass. The current rules are always shown at the bottom of every toll sign. Read more about who can drive for free.

What if there's a collision?
If a collision or roadwork blocks all lanes except the express toll lanes, we stop collecting tolls and allow all vehicles to use the lanes for free. Signs say “OPEN TO ALL” at these times.

If a collision is blocking the express toll lanes, nearby signs will say “CLOSED.” Signs far away from the collision may also say “HOV ONLY” for that toll zone, meaning that carpools can use the lanes for free until they get closer but we can’t sell any trips.

Where the money goes
Toll revenue funded the peak use shoulder lane between SR 527 and I-5 in Lynnwood to improve northbound congestion, which opened to the public in April 2017.

Since opening, the express toll lanes have generated $32.8 million in gross revenue. About two-thirds of this ($21.4 million) is being reinvested back into I-405 improvements. View the detailed financial statements