Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay Final Report

Polyester polymer concrete (PPC) was used in a trial application as a possible repair strategy on a section of concrete pavement that suffered from extensive studded tire wear.

The PPC was applied in three methods; (1) as a 1 inch thick inlay of the entire lane that was diamond ground to remove all rutting from studded tire wear, (2) as an inlay of just the wheel paths that were diamond ground, and (3) as a feathered overlay of the existing pavement which had no diamond grinding to remove rutting.  The completed overlay required diamond grinding to mitigate an unacceptable ride quality adding to the cost of the installation.

The PPC performed very well over a six year evaluation period with no cracking or spalling noted and good friction resistance.  The amount of wear on the PPC is similar to that of the adjacent concrete pavement diamond ground under the same project.  Based on the measurements taken so far the wear rates for each lane on the PPC test section appears to be almost double that of the Diamond Ground test section.  While the rate of wear appears to be greater in the PPC, additional years of testing will be necessary to determine whether the trend found in the first 73 months remains the same or if the wear rates even out for both the PPC and Diamond Ground sections.

PPC appears to be an option to fill ruts in concrete pavements particularly where diamond grinding is not a solution.


Publication Date: 
Monday, January 14, 2019
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 797.2
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02/26/2019 - 14:45
Keith W. Anderson, Jeff S. Uhlmeyer, Mark Russell, Chad Simonson, Kevin Littleton, Dan McKernan, Jim Weston.
Washington State Department of Transportation. State Materials Laboratory.
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Concrete pavements, Repairing, Concrete overlays, Testing, Polymer concrete, Durability, Concrete tests, Ruts (Pavements), Pavement performance, Diamond grinding, Recommendations.