Seattle Smart Traveler

Seattle Smart Traveler (SST) is a World Wide Web (WWW) application designed to test the concept of "dynamic" rideshare matching. SST collects spatial and temporal trip information by using a series of WWW pages, performs a match by sending SQL specifications to a database engine, and supports both the standard phone-based contact methodology, as well as two new, unique contact methodologies based on e-mail.

Publication Date: 
Friday, October 31, 1997
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 444.1
Last modified: 
09/05/2018 - 16:45
Daniel J. Dailey, Donald Loseff, David Meyers
Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC-UW)
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Ridesharing, Web applications, Casual carpooling, Carpools, Literature reviews, Special user groups, Telephone, Electronic mail.