National Highway Freight Program

Approximately $50 million is available in 2022 for local projects in Washington state under the federal National Highway Freight Program. Find our how to submit projects that will improve freight movement in your area.

The National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) was established by Congress in the 2015 Fast Act as a federal-aid highway formula program to improve the efficient movement of freight. Per federal law, WSDOT administers the allocation of federal NHFP funds apportioned to Washington state. As part of the 20221-2023 State Transportation Budget, the Legislature directed us to allocate approximately $50 million for FFY 2022-2025 NHFP funds to eligible local freight projects (non-WSDOT projects as referenced under project ID G2000100 in the Substitute Senate Bill 5165 Sec. 311(8) (PDF 1314KB), and in the LEAP Transportation Document 2021-2023 biennium (PDF 278KB).

We are also required by federal law to update its freight plan and submit it to FHWA in the fall of 2022 for final approval by December 1, 2022. The freight investment plan component of the freight plan must document how the state will invest and match the FFY 2022-2025 NHFP funds.

Request for freight priority projects for FFY 2022-2025 

For FFY 2022-2025 NHFP funding consideration, we are requesting MPO/RTPOs, tribes, cities, counties and ports to collaborate and develop regional lists of priority freight projects:

  • MPO/RTPOs: please coordinate with your area tribal governments and local jurisdiction members to develop a regional list of priority freight projects and complete project submittal package for your region
  • Project sponsors (tribes, cities, counties, ports): please work with your MPO/RTPO and submit your completed project submission form and supporting documentation to your MPO/RTPO contact

Please see the NHFP project request memo (PDF 197KB) for detailed information regarding program background, project request and submittal process, project eligibility requirement, project selection process and timeline.

Informational webinar

WSDOT held an informational webinar on January 19 on the NHFP project request and submittal process to assist project sponsors and MPO/RTPOs in preparing project submissions. The recording of the webinar and a copy of the presentation slides (PDF 778KB) are available for viewing.

Project submittal package and deadline

The completed project submittal package must be submitted by MPO/RTPOs by email to no later than March 16, 2022. Electronic copies of the following must be included in the submittal package:

Tools to develop submissions

The following tools are available to assist MPOs, RTPOs, and project sponsors in preparing regional submissions:

Zero emission electric vehicle registrations in Washington

increased 192% between 2017 and 2021.

45 projects to improve freight rail structures and freight movement

were underway as of December 31, 2021.

Washington state leveraged $100,000 to secure $27 million

in funding for airport investments in Fiscal Year 2022.