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SR 9 - Unnamed Tributary to Pilchuck Creek - Fish Passage

Project overview

A culvert that runs under State Route 9 at milepost 34.7, south of Lake McMurray near the North Centennial Trail Trailhead, was failing and needed to be replaced. The bottom of the culvert had rusted away, which resulted in water washing away the side of the road. This caused a sinkhole on the shoulder that was repaired in April 2018 and could have caused further problems in the future. Contractor crews working for WSDOT closed the highway for several days to dig up the old culvert and replace it during fall 2021.

Fall 2019 - Summer 2022
Project status
$1.8 Million

What to expect

Final project related details will be complete during summer 2022. Traffic impacts are expected to be minimal.

State Route 9 closed for several days in mid-September south of Lake McMurray when WSDOT replaced a culvert under the highway. No wheeled or pedestrian traffic was able to go through the work zone. People who used this section of the highway had to plan for extensive detours in each direction during the closure.

The project required an extensive detour via SR 534, I-5 and SR 530. People who traveled in this area had to plan ahead and allow extra time. Depending on the destination, the detour could have required as much as 30 to 45 minutes. Access to the North Centennial Trail Trailhead remained open from the north.

A culvert runs under State Route 9, here at milepost 34.7, just south of Lake McMurray near the North Centennial Trail Trailhead.