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The Central Sign Shop is located in South Central Region in Union Gap and is the only WSDOT sign fabrication shop in the state. We provide quality traffic signs not only for WSDOT, but for other state, federal and local agencies. We do not provide signs for businesses in the private sector. In addition to traffic signs we can provide banners, name plaques, posters, stickers, maps, calendars or anything custom. 

All signs cost $17.83 per square foot. This price is based on routine orders, which requires 30 days to complete.

Below are additional fees added to the base cost for signs for the following requests:

  • Rush Orders (14 working days to complete) - additional $2.50 per squre foot.
  • Emergency Orders (48 hours to complete) - additional $5 per square foot.
  • Graffiti Film - additional $3.40 per square foot.

Contact Us
Denny Bowden -
Maintenance Specialist 3
(509) 577-1913

Susan Peterschick -
Procurement and Supply Specialist 2
(509) 577-1915