Breeding Phenology, Nesting Success, Habitat Selection, And Census Methods for the Streaked Horned Lark in the Puget Lowlands of Washington

The Streaked Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris strigata) is a recognized subspecies of the Horned Lark (Beason 1995, AOU 1957, Behle 1942) and is a federal and state candidate for listing under the state and federal Endangered Species Act. In the spring and summer of 2002 research was conducted on this subspecies at four research sites in the south Puget Sound. The specific objectives of this research were five-fold:

1) Describe Streaked Horned Lark breeding phenology and life history.
2) Assess reproductive success in four of the populations where males have been reported singing and performing flight displays.
3) Identify habitat features important to successful breeding at the nest site and territory scales.
4) Assess the impacts of human activities on Streaked Horned Larks at the 13th Division Prairie.
5) Develop a Streaked Horned Lark survey protocol that could be used by Washington Department of Transportation biologists to determine species presence or absence.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
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WA-RD 567.1
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10/12/2016 - 15:41
Scott F. Pearson.
Washington (State). Dept. of Natural Resources. Washington Natural Areas Program
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Birds, Habitat (Ecology), Endangered species, Reproduction (Biology), Animal behavior, Census, Research.